About Us

The City of Amsterdam's Community and Economic Development (CED) Department administers state and federal assistance for Amsterdam's neighborhoods and businesses. The office has delivered funding assistance through loans and grants for public improvements, economic development and public services through projects and programs approved by the Mayor and the Common Council.

The City of Amsterdam's Community and Economic Development Department works to ensure that:

  • Citizens, policy makers, staff and community partners have a shared vision and strategy for economic development and the city's future
  • Developers and business owners have a partner in city government for information and support on development and business opportunities within the City
  • Additional outside funds in support of our shared economic development priorities are secured
  • Existing businesses are retained and expanded, especially around priority industries and sectors
  • New businesses that align with our economic development vision are attracted
  • City policies, programs and activities are coordinated with our Economic Development Strategy
  • The City plays a critical role in local and regional economic development activities in collaboration with public, private, community, and foundation partners

The CED department is dedicated to the successes of employers, anchor institutions, and improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods and through the city which is why community partnerships, business leadership, and economic development are important. The CED department recognizes that strategic public and private partnerships are vital to retain and recruit residents, businesses and visitors to Amsterdam.

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