Amsterdam Free Library Project

Library Rendering

Located in the center of Amsterdam’s downtown, the Amsterdam Free Library provides resources and services to achieve its mission of inspiring lifelong learning, advancing knowledge, and strengthening the Greater Amsterdam Community. This project includes renovation and expansion of the Amsterdam Free Library to create a new business incubator and STEM education facility. A notable feature of the expansion is the creation of a large, multi-use community room that includes a stage, sound and light equipment, screen, and projector.

With a more efficient interior arrangement, the library would provide much needed facilities for the community and provide opportunities to host more events. The new extension is proposed to open to the outdoors so that the Library can incorporate outdoor activities into its offerings. Additionally, the Library will capitalize on and expand upon the improvements taking place along the Chuctanunda Creek Trail that runs behind the property.

The proposed work is more than simply an enhancement to the building but is in fact a structural necessity as the current addition is pulling away from the original structure. This investment therefore serves to restore this important landmark, protect it structurally, and establish a stronger community center with a regional draw. All of these benefits will attract visitors and help to establish downtown Amsterdam as a destination for cultural events and activities.

This project will provide resources to individuals and small businesses, support both local entrepreneurship and investments that are critical to the City’s ongoing revitalization plans, and help capture economic and job growth through New Economy STEM businesses. This investment aligns with the broader Mohawk Valley Economic Development Council’s strategic priorities.

The Library is currently working with an architect and plans on Phasing the project out, with an anticipated start date of first quarter 2023.